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Veronica Hinojosa_Stang is from South America and studied at the National University of Trujillo - Peru and obtained her bachelors degree in Education, which becomes now her background while she educates, care, and guides to future parents following a birth, adoption and/or surrogacy.

Saturday, May 18, 2013

The birth of Our Princess "Pocahontas"

Veronica was with us throughout our whole journey as new parents - from pre-natal visits, birth doula, labor and delivery and postpartum doula... She is now such a big part of our lives and I cannot recommend her highly enough.
We interviewed many doulas and were looking for someone with stellar credentials and recommendations. As first time parents, We were  looking for a birth doula and we were eager to learn everything about labor and delivery as I wanted to have a natural birth. We also, wanted to find a postpartum doula who could not only give the best care to our newborn, but teach us the best ways to do everything. Veronica's resume, experience and references stood out from all of the other doulas we interviewed; but just as important as the credentials on paper, we immediately felt comfortable and at ease with Veronica. It was a huge bonus that we could use her for both our birth doula and our postpartum doula. There is something magical about going through the whole journey from beginning to end with the same person.

Veronica came to our home for private prenatal visits. It's so important to feel comfortable with someone who is going to take part in such an intimate time of life and my husband and I felt completely free with Veronica. She taught us everything from different exercises to train the body for labor to positions and massage techniques. She didn't take over my husband's role but taught him how to be the best support for me.

My birth experience didn't go quite as planned as I needed to be induced and had a long, hard labor with medical interventions that weren't expected. It was very comforting to have Veronica with us during this trying time and luckily, we were able to give birth to a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

It was so comforting to come home to Veronica as we already had such a bond with her from the birth experience. The first few weeks after birth are exhausting and having the support of a baby expert in our home was priceless. Veronica is truly the baby whisperer. From soothing a crying baby to bathing, dressing, swaddling (nobody can swaddle like Veronica), and getting the baby to sleep; Veronica has the magic touch.

If you have the opportunity to hire Veronica as your doula, you will be very happy. The only regret you will have is not being able to have her with you for a longer amount of time.

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